When the 4 horsemen arrive, almost nothing survives. And that’s what’s going to happen with much of the world’s economy.”

According to Warren Buffet the FOUR HORSEMEN will soon arrive.  Are you prepared?

The (1)First Horseman, BREXIT is hurting England and Europe’s economies as investors pull money out of those countries while they wait and see what happens.

The “CASH OUT” is the (2)Second Horseman. Failing economies and cheap money all over the world make other currencies CHEAP while American money becomes EXPENSIVE.

“The European crisis is making the Pound, the Euro and many other global currencies very cheap.” Mr. Buffet explained “The intricacies of currency fluctuation aren’t important, you just need to understand a very basic concept:

“In business, you buy things where they are very cheap, and you sell them where they are more expensive to make money.”

That makes the (3)Third Horseman, “The Collapse of U.S. Jobs” happens next.

“Basically, companies that have jobs in the U.S. and customers in the rest of the world will lose HUGE amounts of money and companies with jobs overseas and customers in the U.S. will make BILLIONS, because dollars are worth more than other currencies and will be for a long time.

“These companies, in order to make profits, have no choice but to take those jobs to places where they are cheap.”

The (4)Forth Horseman, “TOTAL CREDIT DESTRUCTION” is the final nail in the coffin.

“When U.S. jobs leave, people begin to default on loans all over again” Warren continued “We saw this in 2008, and it will only be worse this time. People will not be able to pay 30%, 40%, 50% interest and credit lines are going to evaporate into thin air. This time, there won’t be anything the government can do to stop it.”

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