What Are YOU Doing The Last Summer Before College

1. Get a summer job.

Best choice, even if Daddy is paying for your college education.

2. Make the most of naps.

Preparing for the grind (Fun sleepless nights) ahead.

3. Get into an exercise routine.

To also prepare for the grind ahead – doing a lot of thinking…and lifting

the glass from the bar to your mouth.

4. Do something crazy.

As if college was no crazy enough.

5. Try to figure out what you like in life.


Forgetting that college is suppose to help you do this anyway.

6. Spend as much time with your friends and family as you can.

Aren’t the friends kinda obvious?  Discussing about the next chapter in life.

7. Read as much as you can.

Notice the title.  Like Dante has any idea what modern college is

really like.  Wait till you get your Literature 101 reading list.  Now that

is the real Hell, because you only have four and half months to read the

entire list.

8. Or trick your brain into learning things without actually studying.Video_Trick_your_Brain

Now this would be a smart move.   The better you get at it, the more time you have

for your extracurricular activities (like partying and getting to know the other half better)

9. If nothing else, just enjoy the summer and these final months of freedom!

Now this one I don’t buy at all.  You will never be freer in your life than

when you are in college.

10. And make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need to sail smoothly into first semester.

Leave the pets at home, they’ll quickly become a burden


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