The Ugly Truth about New Subscribers to List Spark

The Ugly Truth about New Subscribers to List Spark

Most subscribers are L-A-Z-Y. Yeah, they’ll enter an email. Getting them to take action after that, any action, is usually not in the cards. They expect it to happen for them.

Which is why List Spark will not get you your dream house right out of the box. It may take a bit of action on your part. But I’m here to tell you it’s will be worth it.

Born FREE go PRO

That’s the only way you are going to get somewhere with List Spark. Going Pro means the “Viral Spark System” kicks in when each of your subscribers’first five referrals is added to your list and not theirs. Then those five people must recruit five people. The first five people your first five people recruited, pass through to you. So that adds 25 people to your list you didn’t have to work to get.

Then those 25 people each recruit 5 people who are passed on to you, and that means 125 people are added to your list until you have thousands of people on your list. If the first person you recruit upgrades to the pro version, he/she doesn’t have to pass off the first 5 people recruited.

Three choices are presented. Join as a free member and learn all about how to build a list, join as a Pro member ($ 19.95/ month) and earn money while you learn how to build a list or just $1 for a 2-week trial. It’s a no-brainer, but for action takers!

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