Selling on eBay and Using PayPal as a Payment Method

An Email to PayPal
As the SELLER, there is something that I would like to bring to your attention
that perhaps you are not aware of.  The first notification I received from you
informed me that you were holding $10,900 of my money in escrow pending
the payment of shipping costs of $800.00.
Part of the $10,900 was the $800 in shipping cost.  These $800 had to be sent 
to the shipper prior of final payment.  Where did you think these monies were
coming from?  The buyer said he already sent the $10,900 which included the
$800 in shipping costs.  So, who paid the $800 in a money gram? Me, the SELLER, out of my own pocket, pending payment of my money held in escrow by PayPal.
My question to you is, why? Why does this fall on the seller, when he has nothing 
to do with this part of the negotiation?  I didn’t bargain this into the negotiation;
me, the SELLER. loaning money the BUYER so that the transaction can go
And now I receive another notification telling me that there is an additional $450 
to be paid in custom’s charges which the BUYER has deposited into my PayPal
account to make a grand total $11,350 owed to me.  What do I, as the SELLER, have
to do with custom’s charges the BUYER has to pay?
You know what this looks like to me?  An underhanded agreement between the
BUYER and PayPal.
I informed the BUYER of all this and here’s what he answered:
Yes, I received emailed that I have to add another $450 before your account can be credited and I did because I want your account be credited as soon as possible, so since you have received email from PayPal I think you should follow there instructions and go ahead and send it, so that your account can be credited”
And here is what I answered back to him:
God damn it, Howard!  Why didn’t you send the $450 directly to me?
Now I have to take another $450 out of my account to subsidize your
custom’s charges.  I am not your personal finance company.
What does all this have to do with me as the SELLER anyway?  I could
give a rat’s ass about your shipping costs or custom’s charges.  I sold you
some equipment on eBay, that’s all.
Can’t you see how screwy all this is?  I am being forced to get involved in
something that has nothing to do with me.  I find it totally unfair on both
your and PayPal’s part.  I don’t see how I am being protected at all by this.
I am being dragged into something that I want no part of.
So by implementing your system of keeping both the BUYER and
SELLER safe, look what a mess you have caused.  You say,
Important Note:
Once the total of $450.00 USD has been paid for the custom’s charges via Money Gram, Your PayPal account will be credited immediately.
That’s what you told me the first time.  It’s like you make it up as
you go along.
Rethink it, boys, because it doesn’t work.  Tomorrow I will send
the $450 representing custom’s charges, but for god’s sake 
DEPOSIT MY MONEY without further delays and excuses.
And rest assured I am going to write about this incredible
F**k up on your part.  And don’t you dare send me an evaluation
report to fill out.

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