One Winner In The Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Crisis: Debt Collectors

The government is on the hook for a huge pool of student debt that is turning sour at an alarming rate. So naturally, it is turning to debt collectors for help.

“Mellissa Deleau, of Altimont Springs, Florida, paid $19,000 for a degree at Everest College, a for-profit school that was later shut down by the government in the wake of a long list of investigations. After a year and a half of looking for a job, Deleau, a mother of five, went into default on her loans, unable to make the payments after leaving an abusive marriage.”

Then the debt collectors began to call. “They blew up my phone,” she said. “They call me constantly. I don’t answer anymore.”

The average student loan debt is now $37,000.  What are YOU doing about it?

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