Metaphors, Yesterday and Today

Come up with a few metaphors and you might win a prize.  Below
are some great metaphors throughout history:

“The young are permanently in a state resembling intoxication.”

“The young are an alien species. They won’t replace us by revolution.
They will forget and ignore us out of existence.”
William S. Burroughs

“This is a youth-oriented society, and the joke is on them
because youth is a disease from which we all recover.”
Dorothy Fuldheim

“It is not possible for civilization to flow backward
while there is youth in the world.”
Helen Keller

“Youth is a religion from which
one always ends up being converted.”
Andre Malraux

“He wears the rose
Of youth upon him.”
William Shakespeare

“Don’t laugh at a youth for his affectations; he is only
trying on one face after another to find a face of his own.”
Logan Pearsall Smith

“Youth has become a class.”
Roger Vadim

“The deepest definition of youth
is life as yet untouched by tragedy.”
Alfred North Whitehead

“Youth is the Lord of Life.”
Oscar Wilde

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