Happy Friday!

This is a special invitation to List Spark members. I want to show you how you can make $0.20 for every tier 1 click that you can generate from your email list. IMPORTANT: you can only drive traffic from your own email list. No bought traffic, no web traffic, no shady stuff, or you will get banned for life without a possibility to get your account re-opened! You have been warned!

Click Drive Media made a special agreement with List Spark members. You can make $0.20 for every tier 1 click, and you can send up to 300 clicks every single day (that’s $60 per day and $1,800 per month!).

This works even if you have a super small list and you can only generate 10 – 20 clicks per day. This is the money that you can generate with your list TODAY. If you’re a bigger player – you can drive more traffic and get more money – it’s simple as that.

Unlike with affiliate marketing – you don’t have to worry about making sales, optin conversions or anything – you only need to drive traffic and that’s it!

– See more at: http://list-spark.com/blog/make-money-today-get-paid-0-20-for-every-click/#sthash.jsy1fOyv.dpuf

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