Following in the Footsteps of Jeremy Schoemaker

I have known about internet millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker for some time now. I kept coming across his name on forums and online money making offers. The reason his name stuck or should I say, I was constantly reminded of him, was from numerous articles, interviews and publications in Businessweek, ABC News 20/20 TV Show with Barbra Walters, Forbes Satellite Radio, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago tribune, The Washington Post just to mention a few.  I mean this guy has been around.  So, if for no other reason, Jeremy, has left tracks, a good legitimate path to follow.  I can’t say the same for anyone else I know on the internet.  So, just for fun, I “googled” him to see what else I could find out.

Can you believe “Mr. NextPimp,” Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker has his own Wikipedia page?  In the Twentieth Century, you got a street named after you.  In the Twenty-First Century, you get your own Wikipedia page.  He even self-published his autobiography, Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story, in January 2013.  And to date, I believe he has sold over four hundred and fifty thousand copies.  I can only shake my head in awe and ask, how does he do it?  How does someone in his early forties accomplish so much in  such a short amount of time?  I wanted to find out more about him.

I recently got in touch with Mr. ShoeMoney.  No, that’s not true, I received one of those typical offers, we all get in our inbox to join a very special group of people to be coached by Jeremy Schoemaker.  It was a limited time offer, for a limited number of applicants.  I was already primed and didn’t hesitate when I saw who was behind this offer and joined immediately.

The ShoeMoney Network System started with Jeremy stating that the course was free to attend and on top of that, he would pay us for accomplishing key tasks. I was hooked.  More, because I was curious to see what his angle was than anything else.  The first task was easy and I received my first payment, $1.00 deposited to my PayPal account  and without paying him anything.</strong>

The next task was to set up my own blog website.  He showed me how to install a theme and add plugins.  By the end of this second step, he sent me another deposit of $3.00.  The course continued and I was more intrigued and motivated than ever to go on.

Jeremy not only walked me through setting everything up step-by-step  and paying me for each task accomplished, but he also made the experience even more rewarding scaling my progress like in martial arts, rewarding me different colored belts as a visible indication of my progress.

While the money was an incentive and kept me engaged, in the end the biggest reward was a great blog,  a decked out Facebook page, and an email newsletter. But more than anything else, I had finally gotten the opportunity to work with the man himself, Mr. Jeremy Schoemaker.

At present, I am taking another much more challenging course with Jeremy called CPVRockstar, and this one I paid for.  What I can tell you about Jeremy is that his attitude is the same and the teaching technic doesn’t vary.  He is a solid individual who knows his stuff and oozes an air humble confidence.  He is in the trenches with us every day showing the way like veteran platoon leader taking green recruits into battle.  He admits his vulnerability and cautions us to do the same.

If you are skeptical, simply close your eyes and say, “I can do this,” and dive in head first.  And when you earn that first dollar, you will comprehend that this is where it all begins – with that first dollar you are on the road to making money online. Thank you, Jeremy.

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